What are the other services apart from Privnote providing the self-destruct Private Messages?

This message will self-destruct in three-second Who would have thought that today, what was earlier in the domain of vision is now a reality.

That’s what we thought when we saw James Bond or Tom Cruise movies way back and now it is dream come true moment when famous company Privnote has made it happen.

This message will self-destruct in three seconds is a well-known line from one of the most famous thriller movies ever created, Mission Impossible. Who would have believed that today, what was once in the kingdom of the novel is now the truth? Placing a shelf life on emails, text notifications, IM chats and even images now seems to be the end of personal transmissions.

We can feel many examples when we would have liked to have my messages auto-deleted once we had viewed them or read them in the manner We wanted to. Many letters sent over telecommunications media do no purpose after a distinct period. Hanging onto them even increases the odds of them falling into the incorrect hands, so self-destruction benefits, therefore, make a lot of meaning to send Private Note 

The following are some of the best self-destructing sociable media benefits that are proving particularly famous.

1- Self-Destructing media such as Photos and Videos


Snapchat is without thought the most famous self-destructing service for photos and videos. The immediately messaging app is unrestricted on both Android and iOS. Shared photos can just last for about ten seconds. This self-destruct quality has made it very famous with users. If you are examining to share photos that you like to disappear quickly, Snapchat does a good position.

If you choose to try out Snapchat, take note that the benefit was recently hacked and a million accounts were compromised. The company is still enforcing security updates to stop a repeat.

But with Privnote they have recently upgraded the security policy and now SSL certifications have been elevated with EV addition to it.


Spirit for Twitter is a complimentary web assistance that permits you to send Tweets that self-destruct after the set period lapses. You require to provide the app access to your Twitter account and after that, it scans your Tweets for a special hashtag. The hashtag is in the form #20m where the alphabetical character denotes the time contact. This could be m for minutes, h for hours or d for a specified number of daytimes. Therefore, if you send out a Tweet with the hashtag #20m, the benefit will destroy the Tweet in 20 minutes.

Instant Messaging ( aka IM) Apps

Having a time limit on instant messages is increasing in favour. There are now several instant messaging apps with self-destruct ability.


Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Wickr allows you to set a timer on the life of your instant messages (IM). The designers have taken the risk to enhance security through high-grade encryption that lowers the chance of eavesdropping. Like Snapchat, it also keeps images and video, but with the counted benefit that the recipient cannot view chat screenshots.