Driving requirements and rules to know before renting a car in Dubai

There are several varieties of cars available to rent in Dubai. For instance, you can rent Ferrari Dubai at affordable rates. However, it is necessary to know the following driving requirements before you drive that car.

Driving license requirements

It is mandatory to have a driving license when you drive a car in Dubai. If you are about to rent a car and you are going to drive it, you should have a license depending on your status as a person in Dubai. Some of these requirements for a driving license to drive a car in Dubai are as follows,

  • Although you are eligible to drive a car from the age of eighteen, it is necessary to be older than 21 to rent a car in Dubai.
  • Let us consider that you are coming from any country of either Gulf Cooperation Council Countries or Europe. Then, you need not have an international license to rent a car in Dubai. You can make use of your domestic license to drive around the UAE when you are in the country as a tourist with a tourist visa.
  • If you are coming from any other nations outside of GCCC or Europe, you have to acquire an International Driver’s Permit before leaving your home country. With this license only, you can drive a rented car inside Dubai.
  • Let us assume that you have been put into a situation where your visa is no longer valid. Then, you would have to acquire the UAE’s driving license to rent a car.

Driving rules in Dubai

Every country has its own set of rules when it comes to driving a car on road. Dubai also has several rules to follow when you drive a vehicle on its busy roads. It is necessary to know these rules before renting a car in Dubai. Some of these driving rules to know are as follows,

  • The cars in Dubai will move on the right side of the roads. It will resemble the driving style of the United States. However, several countries will have the opposite style of driving. So, you have to keep in mind that you want to keep it right.
  • Children between the age of four and eight should be kept in booster seats inside the car. Passenger seats are allocated only for teens or adults more than thirteen years of age. If you tell the age groups of your family to the rental company, you will get a car accordingly.
  • It is mandatory for everyone inside the car to wear seatbelts.
  • Drivers can talk over the phone while driving if they are using a hands-free mobile connection, such as Bluetooth.
  • Whenever you break the road and traffic rules in Dubai, you would have to pay several fines according to laws.
  • It is advisable to collect all the papers from your rental company before you take the car out. Insurance policies and other documents are mandatory in Dubai.
  • You are not allowed to drink and drive.

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