Mixbook; for you, by you!

There comes a time in every dating couple’s life that the grand question has to be popped “will you marry me?” Then comes the hardest part; the engagement announcements. A lot of lovers wonder how they will break the news to friends and family. How should the news be made public? What color will the announcement card be? What font will we use? What language and words will be most appealing to our audience? What size should the cards be? Should the cards be enclosed or given openly?

After all these questions come flooding in, then comes the simple answer “Mixbook.”

 Who or what is Mixbook?

Mixbook is a design tool on the internet that provides photo design resources for a variety of uses. Its base is in Redwood City, California. Mixbook allows its users to design customized cards, photo books, calendars, and many more. The user can do all this in the comfort of their home through the online platform that is available to everyone. It is very affordable and is rated number one in photo cards, making you wonder why you started using it that late.

 Why is Mixbook for you, by you?

The biggest and most fun part about Mixbook is its ability to customize your content in the manner you want and when you want, all at the comfort of, well, anywhere you want to be. While you do this, Mixbook will provide you with various tools that will bring your ideas to light and make them even better than you had pictured in your head. You will be able to design something that defines you and will fascinate your intended audience. A couple doing the designing bit will also make you bond as you integrate your ideas with that of the platform to bring out the best final result

What about our Engagement Announcements?

Sharing the news about your engagement comes with a lot of pressure bundled behind the excitement. Every couple wants their announcement to be catchy, inspiring, beautiful, and fascinating to friends and family so it stands out. All this is done as they share in the joy. Mixbook provides you with a wide selection of romantically set-out designs that best compliment the photo of you as a couple. Stickers, backgrounds, textures, and top-notch finishes are placed for you to use.

As soon-to-be newlyweds, you will be the envy of others even before the wedding day finally arrives. The cards will be cherished and admired by all as they will be modern, cheerful, and filled with fun-loving vibes. All your epic photos can be included, and every fancy detail will be fine-tuned to make it your best and unique. Remember all this is done by you at your own comfort and nobody else’s, and by following all the current trends that we provide you with, you get to create a special and unique announcement card. That is why Mixbook is for you, by you.