Why is car mat cleaning important?

Any automobile owner, particularly the drivers will agree with me that there are few experiences worse than being stuck in rush hour traffic only to find your feet sticking to the floor car mats because they are full of melted snow. Once someone gets into their cars, they don’t want to have messy car mats that take up space for their intended purpose, which is giving you a footrest or providing warmth. Driving can be dangerous enough as it is without having your feet slipping around on the floor mats all due to muddy snow water dripping off your shoes and onto the carpeting. Car floor mats need to be squeaky clean at all times especially during winter time when the snow melts from people’s boots onto carpeting inside their vehicles.

Here are the three tricks for cleaning car mats.

  1. Vacuum Cleaning: 

If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can power wash your floor mats first using some shampoo which can be bought at Walmart or wherever. Just don’t use an excessive amount of shampoo as this wastes money and could cause the mat to become overly soapy, slippery, and even damaged if too much is used. You also want to make sure not to overheat them by putting them in the dryer afterward as this could shrink them. After removing dirt with a power washer on a medium setting i.e., warm water, let it air dry for hours until completely dry before using it again inside your vehicles.

  1. Spray Cleaning: 

If you don’t have a power washer or vacuum cleaner, but have spray bottles it’s possible to get rid of stray dirt on your car mats by spraying them with hot water. This is not the same as using tap water which is likely cold during wintertime when the snow melts. Just fill up your spray bottle with boiling hot water and then go ahead and blast the dirty spots that are on the floor mats. You can also use this method for cleaning any other cloth items that you want to get clean like bed sheets and towels in your house.

  1. Washing: 

The last and most effective way is washing these car mats with car wash shampoo because this will remove all stains while still keeping their color since they’re mostly made of nylon and polyester. Also, if they’re too dirty to wash with a simple hand soap we recommend shampooing them with car wash shampoo so you don’t cause any color deterioration or damage to the floor mats’ material e.g., polyester fibers.

Car mat cleaning is important because your feet need a place to rest during long commutes that is free from dirt, stains, and melted snow from boots that drip all over carpets inside vehicles causing potential slipping hazards for drivers and passengers alike. Use vacuuming as a first step, spray washing as a second step, and finally use car-wash shampoo if none of the two other methods work out effectively enough for you. If still unsuccessful after trying all three methods it’s time to seek professional experts for cleaning.

A clean car is a great way to start your day and having fresh-smelling, stain-free carpets will make driving more pleasurable as well as prevent potential diseases that could spread due to dirty mats such as fungi and bacteria growth. All it takes is a few tricks like vacuuming, spraying with water, and finally washing if none of the first two steps worked out effectively enough.  Once finished making sure to keep them dry before putting them back inside your vehicle or next use.

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