The history and exhilarating pursuit of whale watching

There are many leisure pursuits and hobbies available to suit people’s preferences when they have free time. Some enjoy playing sports, some want to relax on a beach and recharge the batteries, while one increasingly popular activity for nature lovers, is to head somewhere exotic and go whale watching.

History of whale watching

San Diego was where whale watching originated in 1950, with Cabrillo National Monument being designated a public venue for observing the migration of gray whales as 10,000 people flocked to see the aquatic mammals at first hand. There is whale watching in Sydney that you can book online.

The eastern side of North America began commercial whale watching in 1971. The growth of whale watching has expanded dramatically in the ensuing years, with up to 15 million people a year taking part. This has seen a commercial growth in the practice as tourism has benefitted largely from visiting watchers.

About whale watching

A wide range of behaviors’ is an attraction, as the large groups sometimes swim in clusters. To experience spotting these amazing mammals, it is best to head out with a team of experts on a boat from the shore to see whales at even closer quarters.

Conversation projects and environmental groups lobbied for guidance when whale watching as evidence was found that it could significantly affect the biology and ecology of whales. Regulations like ensuring a recommended distance is kept from the mammals, and the speed and noise of the boats is kept to a minimum.

What you might experience

Occasionally whales get so close to a boat that it must halt, which is called a mugging and leads to a most exhilarating experience for the watchers. At the same time, those out at sea may not see any whales on a trip. A sighting by many tour operators is described as to approach a whale must be seen three times as it heads to the surface every 5-20 minutes as they come up for breath.

Make sure you prepare for all weathers and don’t be dismayed if you are unlucky and don’t have a sighting as most reputable tour companies will offer you a free trip and a second chance to compensate.

Choose whale watching

Whale watching is an amazingly exhilarating experience and one that you will never forget. It’s a great opportunity see the beautiful large aquatic mammals at first hand and be the envy of your friends while taking away memories to last a lifetime.